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Is your Company Growth Being Dragged Down by Debt?

Does the future seem uncertain for your business?

Would you like help understanding your options?

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Company Finance Solutions

Does your company need short term finance to help pay staff and creditors?

Turnaround Finance

Companies pursue turnaround finance for a wide range of reasons, including disruptions to cash flow or restrictions on credit. Could this help you?


Company Voluntary Arrangements (CVA) can help you to restructure your debt and continue trading.

VAT Arrears

Are you behind in your VAT payments? Contact us now for advice on how to manage the situation.

Company Administration

Administration is a powerful legal procedure to refocus and recover your company while avoiding the threat of liquidation.

Company Liquidation

Are you under pressure from company creditors? Find out more about voluntary and compulsory liquidation.

Pre-Pack Administration

Pre-pack administration could be your best way of continuing your business while relieving debt pressures.

HMRC Arrears

Do you owe HM Revenue & Customs tax? If you deal with it quickly, then you have options to set up payment plans.

About HJS Recovery

We help companies great and small find their way through the financial darkness by providing them with timely, relevant advice on how to handle such issues as insolvency, pressure from creditors and the looming threat of liquidation. Our team is among the most qualified and experienced in the UK, having helped hundreds of companies get on with the vital business of restructuring, refocusing and recovering. If you are faced with an untenable burden of debt and are having difficulty seeing a viable path forward, talk to the experts at HJS Recovery. We understand each situation is unique and so our solutions are tailor-made to match the specific requirements of each client. This approach ensures a prompt resolution to their difficulties and sets them on a path to a sustainable recovery. Contact HJS Recovery today to find out more.
"The future doesn’t have to have a dark cloud hanging over it. Let HJS Recovery provide the information and guidance you need to clear away the noise and uncertainty and plot a course to sustainable recovery for your business.
Gordon Johnston, Managing Director of HJS Recovery

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

I would like to thank Mike and the team for making a painful process easier. You explained each stage and guided me through with both consideration and clarity. I would not hesitate to recommend your service to anyone who is unfortunate enough to need to place their company into administration.